About Kendra

Kendra Rommel is the Principal/Co-founder of Futures Financial. She began her career at the tail end of the Savings and Loan Crisis in the ’90s, where she secured a position as a loan officer for Coast Security Mortgage at 17 years old.

Embarking on an upward career trajectory, Kendra spent many successful years working in operations as a processor, funder, post closer, & operations manager in organizations throughout Orange County, California.

In 2009 she undertook a notable six-year role as Asset Manager at Kondaur Capital, where she performed new trade acquisitions, mitigated, managed, and liquidated portfolios of PN, NPL, & REO’s at over 150+ assets at any one given time.

A consummate mortgage professional, Kendra has spent the last 12 years in asset management, capital markets, and private lending. She holds multiple state originator’s licenses and regularly attends relevant training events to stay at the top of her industry.

Her career successes align with her innate zest for life, personal growth mindset, and philosophy that positive wellbeing dramatically impacts performance. Kendra’s drive and mindset make her an invaluable asset and partner at Futures Financial.

“Minutes & People Matter - If we are gifted the breath of life, it is our choice but also our obligation to make an impact with our unique talents. Think bigger, Give unconditionally! Create! Inspire! Love! Give hugs! ”

Get to Know Kendra

Born & Raised in Orange County, CA, Kendra has been fortunate to benefit from the close proximity to all of nature’s playground; the beach, mountains, river & desert. Since she was young she has appreciated spending time in each of them & now enjoys them with her children. Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, & Finance are her consistent focus but don’t expect her to sit still. She has full intention to fill her calendar with sporting events, more weekend getaways, & worldly travel alongside the growth of FUTURES.


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